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What is a NonQM Loan?

  • Any loan that is not underwritten according to conforming guidelines
  • Loans that do not require tax returns to close
  • Examples include
    • Income qualifying based on bank statement deposits and not filed tax returns
    • DSCR loans that qualify on the rental capability of a property and not personal debt to income ratios (similar to commercial)
    • 1099 or VOE Only loans where only the gross 1099 or verification of employment is all we need to verify income
    • Foreign national loans for those who do not have citizenship in the USA
    • Loans for investors who hold more than 10 conventional loans

Benefits of our Non QM products

  • Wide range of products that almost anyone can qualify for
  • Lower than 20% down payment options with no PMI are available
  • Great for self employed borrowers who are trying to their tax liability
  • Great for seasoned investors who do not want to go through the conventional underwriting process and want to close quickly
  • No need to worry about debt to income ratios
  • DSCR available even for ratios > 1!
  • Super Jumbos available up to $8M
  • Multifamily and mixed use property loans available


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